PSU Family

The Wall Family at Penn State 

I hail from a proud Penn State family, including my wife Barbara Parsons Wall, daughters Heather and Gretchen, brother Bill, sister Sue Antolic, nephews Christopher Wall and John Antolic, and future son-in-law Lyle Stephens.

I started at Penn State in 1970, and like most new students, explored various majors and career paths.  When I faced difficulties, the most intelligent thing I did was take a short break (one term) to reassess my direction at Penn State, and in life.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in History in 1974, and then continued my education, earning a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 1976.

Probably the best thing that happened to me at Penn State was meeting my wife, Barbara.  Barb earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education in 1975, and serves as a secondary art teacher in our hometown of Ambridge, PA.

Gretchen & HeatherMy brother Bill and I were fortunate to attend Penn State together, along with our sister, Sue Antolic.  Bill received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering in 1977 and Sue earned a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement & Corrections in 1978.

We’ve been accused of brainwashing our daughters and nephews into attending Penn State (well, maybe a little bit!).  Heather earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications in 2005 and Gretchen completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science in 2009.  Nephew John Antolic attended Penn State in 2003-2004, but moved on to a career in commercial roofing management.  Nephew Chris Wall completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in 2008.   Our future son in law, Lyle Stephens (an Iraq War Marine vet) is currently pursuing his degree in Agricultural Sciences.

We are…a proud extended Penn State Family!


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